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[FYI] Cash, not Contract (2): Napster und CD-Verkäufe


Napster's Good? Bad? Er, What...? 


Further complicating the debate over the merits of
file-trading applications like Napster, the executive
director of the Digital Media Association, Jonathan
Potter, presented a study to the House Judiciary
Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, which concludes
that streaming and downloading music on the Internet
encourages CD sales.


Among the findings: 59 percent of those who said they
heard a certain piece of music for the first time while
online ended up purchasing that music as a CD.

"The report says there are a lot of artists and record
labels who aren't getting played on radio because they are
in the wrong genre," Potter said.

"The corporate radio guys are just doing standard radio.
So people are looking for music on the Web and when they
find music they like, those people are going out to
purchase the music." 

The report also found that nearly 60 percent of those
surveyed would buy the music if they could buy it then and


Software is like culture, starting out fresh and becoming decadent. 
	--  Jaron Lanier