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Security You Asked For!

This Message is not SPAM. It was sent to you because we were informed you
 had requested information concerning security or security for e-mails. If you 
wish to be removed from future mailings, please reply with the subject "Remove"
and this software will automatically block you from future mailings.

Do you have information in your e-mails you don't want anyone
else to see?

Is there financial information on your computer you would prefer to keep private, 
from everyone?

Do you send and receive financial information you do not want anyone to see
whether it is in an e-mail or on your hard disk?

Do you exchange e-mails with someone you don't want anyone else to be able to

Does your employer tell you 'No personal e-mails!'?

Well, now you have a way to keep your e-mail private, whether on the
Internet or on your own PC. The Encrypt2000 Bundle is just the answer!

With this software you can send and receive e-mail and only you can read it!
You have the key! We can't even help if you loose the key. The government can't
even break this code. 

Go to
And order the software today! If you want Your privacy - you've got it!!