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[FYI]Musicians, Go Home


Musicians, Go Home 
by Brad King 

3:00 p.m. Jun. 21, 2000 PDT 

SAN DIEGO -- Musicians and their managers are impeding technological
that would curb digital music piracy, a wireless expert said Wednesday
at a
conference on music and the Internet. 

Drawing rousing applause throughout his speech, Onehouse.com CEO Jim
said the recording industry has created a digital world that is
difficult to
navigate and has failed to provide consumers with products they are
to pay for. 

"The refusal of artists and their management to put a price tag
on their music, with a description of where that money will be
going and whom we should make the check out to, and then
responsibly collecting that money, has gotten in the way of
progress," Griffin said at the MP3 Summit here. 

The problem is particular to the United States, Griffin said. 


"This company has performed an illegal operation and will be shut  down. 
 If the problem persists, contact your vendor or appeal to  a higher
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