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[FYI] NYT: German Urges Global Rules on Hate on Web


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June 28, 2000  

German Urges Global Rules on Hate on Web  


ERLIN, June 27 -- The justice minister called today for global rules 
against hate speech on the Internet and urged stronger self-
regulation by Web companies. "What is forbidden off-line must be 
forbidden online," the minister, Herta DaŘbler-Gmelin, told a 
conference here. "Our goal must be to achieve a global value 
consensus and to agree an international minimum level of regulation." 

The associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, 
Abraham Cooper, said the explosion of extremist Web sites in the 
United States proved the need for action. "We have gone from one hate 
site on the Internet in 1995 to over 2,000," Mr. Cooper said. "There 
are dozens of sites that teach people how to build bombs."  

In Germany, the number of extreme right-wing home pages has jumped to 
330, 10 times more than four years ago, the internal security 
watchdog said. Germany was especially wary of abuse on the Internet, 
she said.  

Ms. DaŘbler-Gmelin welcomed the fact that Amazon.com had agreed to 
stop selling Hitler's "Mein Kampf," which Germany has banned. She 
added that the company should not sell the book anywhere.  

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