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[FYI] Nike.COM verklagt


Whom to Sue for Nike.com Hack? 
by Craig Bicknell 

3:00 a.m. Jun. 29, 2000 PDT 

Net entrepreneur Greg Lloyd Smith just seems to have bad luck when it
comes to dealing with big U.S. companies. 

Last year, after Smith set up a book-selling website called Amazon.gr
("Greece's biggest bookstore") and tried to interest Amazon.com in a
partnership, Amazon.com sued him, claiming Smith "tried to extort us in
a thinly veiled shakedown by ripping off Amazon's name and site in an
effort to deceive people." 

Now it's Nike that's causing Smith grief, though this
time Smith is the one threatening legal action. 

His beef: When Nike's website was hijacked last week,
whoever hijacked the domain re-directed Nike.com's
traffic through Smith's Web servers in the U.K., bogging
them down and costing Smith's Web hosting company
time and money. 

Smith wants Nike to pay him damages, claiming Nike
negligently allowed its domain to be hijacked, and is
therefore responsible for the consequences. Smith tried
unsuccessfully to bill Nike for compensation. Now
Smith's lawyers are drafting a legal complaint seeking

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