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[FYI] ZD Net UK News Special: Echelon

URL: http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/specials/2000/06/echelon/

Is it acceptable for the Post Office to send your mail to MI5 to read
before dropping it through your letter box? Probably not. The mail has
always had a universally accepted notion of privacy. Yet as most human
communications move into the electronic sphere, privacy is under attack as
never before.

In this detailed look at government cyber-snooping, ZDNet draws on the
strengths of our global news network, with articles from ZDNN writers in
the UK, US, Germany and France. Leading investigative reporter, Duncan
Campbell, introduces 'Echelon -- World under watch'.

Echelon: World under watch
Duncan Campbell, who first brought attention to the global spying network
run by the US and UK in a TV documentary, introduces Echelon -- World under

Europe quietly strengthens surveillance
The European Union is becoming increasingly uneasy about Echelon, but the
complexity of the technology and the network of relationships between the
authorities and the telecommunications industry will make regulation hard
to stick. By Jerome Thorel, Editor ZDNet News, France

Echelon: Proof of its existence
Echelon is a global network of surveillance sites. Slowly but surely proof
of its existence is entering the public domain. In this report, we roundup
key events in the unmasking of Echelon. By Richard Barry, Editor, ZDNet
News, UK

Echelon: How it works
How does the covert arm of the intelligence services work? How does Echelon
listen to and see what its targets are doing? By Rupert Goodwins,
Technology Editor, ZDNet UK

The French fight back
French companies and individuals take their grievances to court, as
Americans try to justify covert surveillance activities as a necessary
protective measure against European commercial bribery habits. By Richard
Barry, Editor ZDNet News, UK

Echelon fears could force new laws for America
Concerns that US intelligence agencies spy on ordinary American citizens
could cause Nixon-era protections to be strengthened for the Internet age.
Robert Lemos, ZDNet US

Echelon: The evidence
The British won't talk about it, the Americans use carefully worded
statements to avoid mentioning it and the French believe it has been
stealing secrets from France for years. By Richard Barry, Editor ZDNet
News, UK

Echelon: your files in their hands
Rupert Goodwins reckons we've allowed a state surveillance system to be
built that would be the envy of any dictator, and we've allowed it to
flourish unseen and uncontrolled. What he thinks we must do now is to start
building pressure for a wholesale revelation and reform of Echelon: not to
shut it down and render ourselves deaf to real threats but to improve its
efficiency and make it ours again, not the plaything of nameless people.

World Exclusive: French anger at Anglo-US surveillance put in context by
discovery of 'Frenchelon'
British and US officials have responded to French accusations of industrial
electronic spying by claiming that France also operates a major network
spying on satellite communications -- here we publish the first picture of
'Frenchelon'. By Richard Barry and Duncan Campbell

Frenchelon -- France has nothing to envy in Echelon
France has its very own Echelon, located within the Paris region and
equipped with semantic analysis engines that sort out the information. By
Jerome Thorel, Editor of ZDNet News, France

Sigint under the spotlight -- the new, automated, desktop surveillance
Electronic surveillance predates the explosion of Internet communications,
but new technologies are a boost. Spooks now use browser-based software to
select a country from a world map, and then suck in its secrets at the
click of a mouse. By Duncan Campbell

Echelon: Government spying breeds business distrust
Businesses operating in a growing atmosphere of paranoia and distrust are
beginning to demand increased security measures to protect against
industrial surveillance. By Will Knight, Reporter, ZDNet News, UK

Multinationals build private Echelons
Multinational corporations may have taken a leaf out of Echelon's book and
be snooping on their own customers. By Will Knight, Reporter, ZDNet News,

What do individuals and companies have to fear from covert surveillance
German telecommunications security expert, Manfred Fink, tells ZDNet
exactly what individuals and companies have to fear from covert
surveillance. By Susane Reiger, Editor ZDNet News, Germany

Echelon: Is anyone bothered?
Like France, Germany is concerned that Echelon bases are being used to
monitor her business dealings. ZDNet Germany's News Editor Susanne Rieger
talks to surveillance expert, Erich Schmidt-Eenboom about German concerns


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