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[FYI] InfoSec News


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1 July 2000. Thanks to WK. 

InfoSec News 

The information listed below can be found at: 


InfoSec News is a privately run, medium traffic list that caters to 
distribution of information security news articles. These articles 
will come from newspapers, magazines, online resources, and more. To 
subscribe to ISN, send mail to:  



     "subscribe isn firstname lastname" 

in the BODY of the mail. 

To remove yourself from the ISN list, send a message with 

     "signoff isn" 

in the BODY of the mail. 

The subject line will always contain the title of the article, so 
that you may quickly and effeciently filter past the articles of no 

This list will contain: 

Articles catering to security, hacking, firewalls, new security 
encryption, products, public hacks, hoaxes, legislation affecting 
these topics and more.  

     Information on where to obtain articles in current magazines. 

     Security Book reviews and information. 

     Security conference/seminar information. 

     New security product information. 

     And anything else that comes to mind.. 

Feedback is encouraged. The list maintainers would like to hear what 
you think of the list, what could use improving, and which
parts are "right on". Subscribers are also encouraged to submit 
articles or URLs. If you submit an article, please send either the
URL or the article in ASCII text. Further, subscribers are encouraged 
to give feedback on articles or stories, which may be
posted to the list. Anonymous feedback is welcome. 

Please do NOT: 

     * subscribe vanity mail forwards to this list 

     * subscribe from 'free' mail addresses (ie: juno, hotmail) 

     * enable vacation messages while subscribed to mail lists 

     * subscribe from any account with a small quota 

All of these generate messages to the list owner and make tracking 
down dead accounts very difficult. I am currently receiving as many 
as fifty returned mails a day. Any of the above are grounds for being 
unsubscribed. You are welcome to resubscribe when you address the 

Special thanks to the following for continued contribution: 

William Knowles, Aleph One, Will Spencer, Jay Dyson, Nicholas Brawn, 
Felix von Leitner, Phreak Moi, Security Focus, and other 

ISN Archives: 



ISN is Moderated by William Knowles <wk@c4i.org>. ISN is a private 
list. Moderation of topics, member subscription, and everything else 
about the list is solely at his discretion.  

The ISN membership list is NOT available for sale or disclosure.  

ISN is a non-profit list. Sponsors are only donating to cover 
bandwidth and server costs. 

"Communications without intelligence is noise;    
Intelligence without communications is irrelevant." 
Gen. Alfred. M. Gray, USMC                        


C4I Secure Solutions             http://www.c4i.org 


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