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[FYI] FR: French kill anti-privacy law


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French kill anti-privacy law

Wed, 05 Jul 2000 16:15:38 GMT
Will Knight

'Liberty of Communications' Act would have forced all French Internet 
users to identify themselves, holding ISPs liable for inaccurate 

Civil liberty experts and Internet interest groups in France have 
scuppered a law that would have endangered online privacy for French 

The "Liberty of Communications" Act was amended to remove aspects 
that would have abolished anonymity for anyone publishing content to 
the Web.  

As originally worded, the act would have made Web content providers 
legally obliged to acquire the accurate identities of those posting 
to the Internet using their service. If information was inaccurate, 
both Internet service providers and users would have been held 
legally responsible.  

Although the Act was passed in this form by parliament in France in 
May, it was effectively rescued by the country's Senate last week.  


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