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[FYI] (Fwd) FBI involves itself in Verio merger

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>InternetNews - ISP News
>July 6, 2000 InternetNews - ISP News Archives
>FBI to Scrutinize NTT-Verio By the InternetNews.com Staff
>Tokyo-based Verio Inc. is being scrutinized by the Federal Bureau of
>According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI Thursday raised
>national security concerns about the Japanese company's attempt to
>acquire the U.S. Internet service provider.
>The FBI registered concerns with the Treasury Department about NTT's
>(NYSE:NTT) planned purchase of Verio (NASDAQ:VRIO) because agency is
>concerned that foreign ownership of Verio would inhibit its ability
>to maintain surveillance over its telecommunications network.
>NTT posted a $5.5 billion offer for Verio in May to acquire the final
>90 percent of Verio it did not already own. Verio provides Web
>hosting and network services for about 20 percent of the Fortune 500
>companies in the world.
>The FBI contents that in order to protect U.S. facilities, it must be
> assured that only U.S.-owned companies can be used to handle
>domestic Internet traffic. In the past, the FBI has also insisted
>that the companies employ U.S. citizens to handle potential
>wiretapping activities.
>NTT announced Friday that the Treasury Department's Committee on
>Foreign Investment in the U.S. would conduct a 45-day review of the
>planned merger.

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