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[FYI] Hacking Insurance

Dies wird mehr für die Rechnersicherheit
tun als alles andere vorher, denn nun
müssen die betreffenden Läden Standards
von Versicherungen erfüllen, damit sie
ihre Prämien drücken können.



Businesses consider 'hacking insurance'

With high-profile network outages and virus
attacks on the rise, businesses want more than
good security.

By Robert Lemos, ZDNet News
July 10, 2000 5:07 AM PT 

Security monitoring service Counterpane Internet
Security Inc. announced Monday that it has teamed up
with insurance house Lloyd's of London to offer
Counterpane customers insurance against loss of
revenue and valuable data due to network security

After February's high-profile denial-of-service attacks and
May's epidemic of the ILOVEYOU virus, businesses want
more than good security, said Bruce Schneier, chief
technology officer of Counterpane. 

"The future of security will be driven not by technology, but
by insurance," he said, adding that e-commerce
companies "don't have to prevent hacking; they have to
manage their risk." 

The insurance policy can be used to insure companies for
up to $100 million in losses due to security breaches in
network security and e-commerce. 

The deal marks the second time Lloyd's has teamed up
with a security firm to offer insurance against hacking.
Other insurance houses have followed suit, partnering with
security auditors to offer "hack insurance" to companies
that pass a strict audit. 


"The lawyers won't solve this and the technologist won't solve 
 this piracy problem," Griffin said. "Anyway, anything that a 
 41-year-old thinks up, a 14-year-old can undo." 
	-- http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,37151,00.html