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Title: June 15, 2000



To Our Members Only



            We wanted to inform you of the savings and discounts available on the Internet. In this E-Mail we will provide you with a few links to assist you. Occasionally we will provide you with an email to make you aware of any new sites that offer free stuff, computer services, savings and discounts to you online.


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We found a site that will help you to back up your computer online. This will protect your documents from viruses and hardware failures. Sign up now for a Free 30 day trial. Automatic File Protection - Complete access to all your computer files. Try @Backup FREE for 30 days. You have nothing to lose but your data. Click Here.





Some of our members miss our free web mail. While we are constructing a new web mail you may need a temporary one.  So here is one that we have located for you to use. NamePlanet: Get YOUR NAME as an email address before someone else does!



For those you love, Graduations, Special occasions or anytime you have a need for flowers. You can order them online. Save $20.00 on a Colorburst Garden. Flower.com



****** Note MEMBERS ONLY,if you get this message and you are not our member,and you don't want to receive our specials  please send us an email to members@only.nameplanet.com.