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[FYI] : Bertelsmann Foundation Workshop on Filter Systems

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From: richard.swetenham@cec.eu.int
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 11:54:55 +0200
Subject: Bertelsmann Foundation Workshop on Filter Systems, 8 Sept 2000, Guetersloh, Germany

The Bertelsmann Foundation is organizing a third workshop in
the framework of the project on "Self-regulation on the
Internet". The workshop will focus on the role socially
relevant groups can play in the promotion of their various
ethics and values on the Internet. Specifically, there will
be an introduction to the ICRA system which enables third
parties (such as religious groups, political organizations,
trade unions, child protection agencies etc.) to create
their own rating templates for that filter system.
The Bertelsmann Foundation aims at bringing together
socially relevant groups from all over Europe to discuss how
they can develop profiles for a filtering system like that,
mirroring their set of ethical values. The overall goal is
to increase safety and responsibility on the Internet.

The workshop will be held on September 8th in Guetersloh,
Germany. Parties interested in participating are encouraged
to contact Ms. Bettina Meier, either by phone (+49
5241-81-74367) or e-mail (bettina.meier@bertelsmann.de).

For further information on the Bertelsmann Foundation's self-regulation project:

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