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[FYI] (Fwd) Silicon.com: ISPs prepare to flee as Lords send off 'Snooping Bill'

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Subject:        	Silicon.com: ISPs prepare to flee as Lords send off 'Snooping Bil
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> ISPs prepare to flee as Lords send off 'Snooping Bill'
> PUBLISHED: 0:25am on Thursday 20th July 2000
> The UK House of Lords has had its last chance to make
> amendments to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP)
> Bill last night, but it was not enough to allay fears among
> businesses and ISPs.
> A further 51 amendments were proposed last night. However,
> the Bill's most stern critics say it's not enough.
> Steve Rawlinson, the systems manager at Claranet - one of
> the three ISPs who have threatened to leave the UK if
> handing over encryption keys remains a condition of RIP -
> told silicon.com that it could move data services, like
> email, overseas in a matter of weeks.
> For ISPs with international operations it can happen at the
> flick of a switch with no disruption to their customers.
> Speaking prior to last night's debate, Rawlinson said:
> "Many people fail to realise how straightforward it is.
> There's no question people will move out because the risk
> of staying is significant and the cost of leaving is almost
> zero."
> Rawlinson admitted that leaving would not make the ISP
> invulnerable to RIP, but he said: "It's much more difficult
> to intercept the transmission than it is for the police to
> come round and demand the contents of our email server."
> Tim Pearson, chairman of the ISP Association (ISPA), was
> ambiguous about whether other ISPs are planning to follow
> Claranet. "There is a lot of uncertainty among ISPs, and
> while I can't say ISPs will definitely relocate, I know we
> definitely would not like to see the Bill go through."
> The House of Commons will now consider all the changes made
> to the original draft in the attempt to give RIP the Royal
> Assent before the summer.
> Nicholas Bohm, legal officer at Foundation for Information
> Policy Research (FIPR), believes the government can expect
> stronger revolts from businesses once the Bill becomes law.
> "Once the government starts to use it there will be
> challenges to the Code of Conduct and under Human Rights.
> In addition, technical skills to evade RIP will emerge," he
> said.
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