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Are you tired of searching for a stable bulk friendly ISP.. Stop searching!

We are your one-stop Bulk mail experts. With all services under one roof. We have the A-Z of the bulk emailing business.

Services that we offer:

* Bulk Emailing Service
* Bulletproof Dial-up Accounts - 56K V.90
* Bulletproof Web Hosting
* Email Addresses on CD-ROM
* Targeted Email Lists

 * Bulk Emailing Service

Promote your web site by mass emailing. We can break our 85 million plus database by country, state, or by target. Our lists are updated daily and washed twice a week.  

MASS MAILING PRICES (All Prices include emails)

500,000 EMAILS.......... $375.00

750,000 EMAILS.......... $562.00

1,200,000 EMAILS ......... $720.00

1,600,000 EMAILS.......... $960.00

3,000,000 EMAILS......... $1500.00


Order by 12 pm PST mailed that night. We mail 7 days per week.

*Bulletproof Dial-up Account - 56K V.90

For all you "do it your selfer's" Promote your site with reliable dial up service 7 days a week 24HRs a day. Stop wasting time and energy burning through ISPs. Triple the number of emails you are sending. 24 hr Set-up.

Dial - up pricing 

30 days of service $500.00 (unlimited use) one time set-up of $300.00

* Bulletproof Web Hosting

Promote your web site as much as you want without the worries of it getting shut down because of spam complaints. Our operation centers are protected by Central Intelligence Agency level security that delivers safety-proof reliability. For this reason we are ranked the first largest Bulk Friendly Internet Service Provider in the world. 

Bulletproof Hosting Prices

30 days Hosting $400.00 and a one time Set-up of $200.00

24 hr Set-up

*Email Addresses-CD ROM 

We have developed and maintained a list of over 85 MILLION active E-MAIL ADDRESSES covering the Internet.  We gather the addresses from "hits" at certain targeted web sites, the Internet and numerous reliable sources.  The list is sorted by domain, in folders with files containing 100,000 emails per file. We also have emails sorted by states. The list is updated bi-weekly.

Email Pricing

Vol I	40 Million Emails for $499.00
Vol II	40 Million Emails for $499.00 

*Targeted Email Lists	

Quotes available upon request	

For more information and to get started please call us at: 
1 (323) 850-0835 and ask for Allen.

If you would like to be removed from this list, please email: remove_remove@china.com with the word "Remove" in the subject line. We apologize for any inconvenience.