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CIA and PSIA files mirrored

Cryptome, JULY  2000

Since Friday night this site has been nearly inaccessible for reasons not 
yet known. Our ISP, Digital Nation, claims it is due to overloading and 
that the only solution is to migrate to a more powerful server, which we 
have ordered today and which should be operating in a few days.

Others investigators have evidence our server is under a denial of service 
attack or other attack which causes it to shut down, repeatedly, after 
multiple restarts. Tests show that all other related Digital Nation 
equipment appears to be functioning properly; only the server for jya.com 
and cryptome.org is affected. The server is not usually not accessible for 
administration -- this message was added after much effort.

In the meantime Cryptome offers by e-mail the CIA and PSIA files. Please 
mirror those files and send us the URL. Send requests and URLs to John 
Young <jya@pipeline.com>. Thanks very much.

If the CIA and PSIA files listed below are not accessible by their links, 
please use these mirrors: