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Your Amazon.com Inquiry

Dear Kristian,

Hello from Amazon.com.

I have passed your inquiry on to the appropriate department in our
company for further consideration.  However, I can tell you that we
are currently not offering our Payments services for other products
outside our own website.

Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions or comments, and
thank you for shopping at Amazon.com.

Best regards,

Becky Koehn
Earth's Biggest Selection
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  >Subject: Payment a la Stephen King
  >To: info@amazon.com, info@amazon.de
  >X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.72 [en] (X11; I; Linux 2.2.14 i686)
  >From: Kristian =?iso-8859-1?Q?K=F6hntopp?= <kris@koehntopp.de>
  >Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:49:17 +0200
  >Dear Amazon Team!
  >You are managing the payment for the Stephen King
  >online literary experiment "The Plant". Are there
  >payment services available as a regular Amazon
  >service, or are they a special for Mr. King?
  >If this is a regular service, or if you are
  >considering to establish such a service in
  >the future, please send me information material
  >or point me to the appropriate URL. I am
  >interested into adding an optional voluntary
  >payment option to the material I am offering
  >to an increasing number of PHP (Information 
  >on the PHP programming language at 
  >http://www.php.net) developers on the web 
  >(my material at http://www.koehntopp.de/php
  >and http://www.koehntopp.de/kris/artikel).
  >Also, is this service available via Amazon.DE
  >as well as through Amazon.COM?
  >	Kristian Koehntopp
  >			"My other car is a cdr."