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[FYI] www.kuro5hin.org is down

http://www.kuro5hin.org/ besteht zur Zeit ausschlie▀lich aus der
folgenden Seite, wei▀ auf schwarzem Hintergrund.


                            Kuro5hin.org is down
    As most of you know, for the past three days, kuro5hin.org has been
      subject to a series of automated "spam" type attacks by persons
     currently unknown. The story queue has been filled with crap, the
   comments have been filled with crap, and we've been hit with denial of
   service flood attacks, presumably intended to crash the server. We're
                            tired of this shit.
   K5 is run by an all-volunteer staff. No one makes any money from this
      site. We work on the site because we believe in it. We wanted to
    provide a service to the internet, and especially the free software
      Someone has seen fit to persistently abuse that gift, in a clear
    attempt to force us off the net, or render the site unusable. Fine,
   you win. I don't know what the attacker or attackers have against us,
     or the site, if anything. Maybe they just think it's fun to break
                             things. Whatever.
    I'm tired, Inoshiro's tired, Hurstdog is tired. Everyone's tired of
    trying to keep the site running. As I mentioned, no one is paying us
     for this, and I for one, have a lot of other things to worry about
                                 right now.
       To everyone who has supported the site, thank you. You are not
    unappreciated, you are not forgotten. Will we be back? Maybe. If we
     can figure out a way to keep the quality of discussion on K5 at a
         level that is worth supporting, we will return. Who knows.
    To the person or persons responsible for this: we will find you. You
               will be sorry. I hope you'll learn something.
                             Thanks, everyone.

Thomas Roessler                         <roessler@does-not-exist.org>