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[FYI] (Fwd) International Forum on Surveillance by Design

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Subject:        	International Forum on Surveillance by Design
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International Forum on Surveillance by Design

A one day public meeting on the development of global surveillance
strategies for law enforcement and national security

The Old Theatre
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London  WC1A 2AE

Friday September 22, 2000

Hosted by the Department of Information Systems
The London School of Economics

Organised by Privacy International, the American Civil Liberties
Union, and Quintessenz

Sponsored by Zero Knowledge Systems and the Electronic Privacy
Information Center

Admission : free

The global nature of digital telecommunications has prompted
government surveillance to become international. One of the primary
interests of governments has been to ensure that the capacity for
surveillance is maintained and enhanced during the adoption of new
technologies and techniques. This conference will explore these
technical and legal initiatives, and provide a public forum for open

The full programme and speakers will be announced shortly, but
sessions will include :

*  National Action: What Has Gone Before

                UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers

                US Communications Assistance for Law
                Enforcement Act, Unlawful Conduct, CESA
                and Carnivore

*  International Action 

                G8 Action Plans on Cybercrime

                Mutual Legal Assistance

*  Sum of All Action: Council of Europe on Cybercrime

*  Technology Initiatives

                Mobile Phone Infrastructure: Building

                Internet Infrastructure: Building

*  Resistance to Construct Surveillance by Design

*  Action Plan 

Places are strictly limited in number, so anyone wishing to attend
should email the conference chair, Simon Davies, on

Telephone enquiries : 020 7955 6579

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