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[FYI] (Fwd) Denying credit card chargebacks via a click wrap

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From:           	Bob Schmidt <schmidt@MAGICNET.NET>
Subject:        	Denying credit card chargebacks via a click wrap

I found the following rather novel credit card "click wrap" purchase
policy on a web site. It refers to a Texas law that purportedly deems
an IP address the equivalent of an identity. The policy also appears
to negate any consumer rights to dispute credit card charges. Anyone
know if this is a correct description of Texas law?

>No tolerance policy with charge back requests
>We reserve the right to file civil charges against bogus charge back
>requests using the digital identity law in the state of Texas. This
>new law accepts IP addresses as legally binding proof of your
>identity and your order. We log your IP address with software that
>sees through anonymous IP address services and software. By ordering,
>you agree to pay any and all civil damages (which are considerable)
>if you dispute the charge with your credit card company. Disputes
>concerning charge backs will be resolved by a board of arbitration of
>our choosing in Dallas, Texas.

Bob Schmidt

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