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[FYI] The Paris G8 summit was a grave disappointment


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9 August 2000  

Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 13:43:08 +0100 To: ukcrypto@maillist.ox.ac.uk 
From: gus <i.hosein@lse.ac.uk> Subject: Re: Observer Front Page: 
Police to track mobile phone users  

The Paris G8 summit was a grave disappointment if we want to consider 
it as 'public'.  I want to be as thorough as possible, so please 
excuse the length of this email.  

Attendees?  Industry and government.  That was all.  That was the 
mandate; when I protested to my own delegation (I managed to squeeze 
myself in to another country's delegation) about the lack of the 
'other', I was quickly quietened down by a response: "This is the 
first time we have actually invited outside people, and it was 
decided to be industry."  My colleagues raised this point at every 
occasion we could, and it was alarmingly ignored.  


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