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FYI: self nomination data

Dear ICANN-Team,

or whoever reads this, here is my self-nomination data. If you have any
further questions, feel free to mail.

* Name

Andy Mueller-Maguhn

* Country of citizenship


* Place of residence


* Physical address and phone number

Postfach 64 02 34 D-10048 Berlin

Tel. +49-(0)30-3087 1710
Fax. +49-(0)30-3087 1718

* Email address


* Employer(s)


* A statement addressing your qualifications and experience specifically *
relevant to (a) ICANN's technical and administrative responsibilities, and
* (b) your leadership and policy-level roles. (250 words)

As a netizen of 28 years I have about 16 years of experience with
electronic networks, from stand-alone mailboxes through UUCP/Usenet to the
Internet today. My interests are not only in the field of the technical
standards and details, but also in the cultural use, chances and risks for
the user of the technology.

I am member of the Chaos Computer Club e.V. (https://www.ccc.de) since 1986
and it´s speaker since 1990. The CCC is a non-governmental, non-profit
organisation which stands for free flow of information and a right for at
least worldwide communication, watching the effects of technical
developments on society. As a speaker of the CCC my job is to watch actual
developments and support discussions through the experience of the ongoing
learning-by- doing processes.

Since our chaotic structure is formed by netizens and hackers we are more
networked than buerocratic organized, not member of GILC or any other
meta-organisation, but do have issue-related cooperation with other NGO´s.

Through international conferences and workshops I have gained experience in
discussing the issues of free flow of information, privacy and other net-
related issues with groups like Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA),
Electronic Privacy Information Center (USA), Bits of freedom (NL), Privacy
International (UK), Quintessenz (AT), Fitug (D), Foundation for Information
Policy Research (UK) next to our hacker-related cooperations with groups
like 2600 (USA), Hack-Tic (NL) and others.

* Information indicating material ICANN-related interests(100 words), *
including an identification of: Employment and consulting relationships *
Ownership or investment interests in any ICANN-related businesses Official
* positions in any ICANN-related businesses or organization

I am self-employed and indepent from institutions and organisations. I work
as a journalist, consultant and expert whitness in lawsuits in the field of
electronic networks & security issues. Holding lectures at conferences of
economic, political and social groups, trying to support understanding of
the global cultural room Internet, gift economy, new media and ideas for a
democratic information society.

Issues related to ICANN are the architecture of public space next to free
flow of information and privacy.

As a policy for my own work, I don´t sign any non-disclosure agreements
(NDA), so that all of my work is as public and as transparent as possible.

* Background information, personal statement, URL, or other information you
* would like posted in connection with your name on the ICANN website (400
* words).

Officially I am still a student of information science at the Free
University of Berlin. For the developments in and around the Internet are
much more interesting than most of the stuff at the university, I don´t
manage to show up there regulary. I have also heard that my professor does
understand, that I study the stuff where it happens. I meet him sometimes
at conferences.

In my point of view, ICANN and the architecture of the Internet are a
public issue and might have an increasing effect on how society is able to
share its know-how and develop accordingly. So the idea must be to make the
things at ICANN transparent and the decisions future-compatible.

More Information about the Chaos Computer Club and its work is available at
https://www.ccc.de. I have some personal stuff and reports of conferences
available at http://www.datenreisen.de (sorry, most of it is in german).

* Whether you are an official of a national government or a multinational *
entity established by treaty or other agreement between national *
governments, such as an elected official or employee of a government or *
multinational entity. (50 words)

I am independent and have no contracts with any governmental, industrial or
other organization for this nomination / role to enable a maximum of
freedom in the culture of the net.