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Millions CD Vol 12 - Just Released!!

Our **  B E S T  **  Millions CD Yet!!


>>> OVER 15 MILLION Addresses  P L U S  a Bonus File!! <<< 

THE VERY BEST email addresses available anywhere!!

The Millions CD - VOL. 12, is the ABSOLUTE BEST product of
its kind anywhere in the world today. There are NO OTHER
products ANYWHERE that can compete with the quality of this CD. 
After 2 years, we've even outdone ourselves with this volume.

The Millions CD - VOL. 12 is comprised of over 15 MILLION
PREMIUM & SUPER clean email addresses & majority are VERIFIED!! 
You can start mailing as soon as you receive the CD! 

Each file contains exactly 20,000 email addresses.  

O N E   O F   A   K I N D

This CD is a first.  No one... and we mean NO ONE has put in
the kind of work it takes to produce a CD of this quality.

We start with over 200 million lines of addresses, here's what
we did with them...

1. Cleaned and eliminated all duplicates. 

2. Next, we brought in a filter list of 400+ words/phrases
to clean even more. No addresses with inappropriate or
profane wording survived!

3. Then, a special filter file was used to eliminate the
"Web Poisoned" e-mail addresses from the list.  Our
EXCLUSIVE system reduced these "poison" addresses to near
zero.  You may have seen CD's with 30, 40, 50 million addresses,
not only do they contain may undeliverable addresses, but most 
are notorious for millions of these "poisoned"  email addresses.

4. Next we used our private database of thousands of known
"extremists" and kicked off every one we could find.  NOTE:
We maintain the world's largest list of individuals and
groups that are opposed to any kind of commercial
e-marketing... they are gone!

5. And finally, Here's the best part...
We sorted the list into easy-to-manage packets of 20,000 addresses
in a line per line simple .txt format.


Volume 12... Over 15 Million Addresses Strong!  P L U S Bonus Addresses!!

         * N O   B R A G   -   J U S T   F A C T *

Getting this CD is equivalent to buying EVERY CD sold by
almost everyone else, combined... EXCEPT - it has been
cleaned and the quality is unsurpassed by any list in

With our super clean lists you'll send less...and get better
results... plus you can start mailing as soon as you receive
your CD!  

   * Y O U   G E T   W H A T   Y O U   P A Y   F O R *

Our 15 Million, Volume 12, address CD will result in:

* Higher Response Rates
* Higher Sales Conversion Ratios
* More Receptive prospects; Less Flames & Non-Buyers.
* Less Contact With Anti-Commerce Radicals & Extremists.


Main Directories		

67,150		Alltel.net	
67,010		ATT.net	
19,086		Columbus.rr.com	
74,578		Concentric.net		
396,240		Earthlink.com	
723,849		Earthlink.net	
1,046,630	Excite.com
16,873		Gate.net	
125,230		General Internet	
126,744		Gte.net	
8,000,000	Hotmail.com	
76,427		Juno.com **NOT Verified**
1,189,909	Mindspring.com  **NOT Verified**
908,969		MSN.com  **NOT Verified**
8,149		Neo.rr.com
402,943		Netscape.net	
120,095		Pacbell.net	
24,131		Sprintmail.com	
35,582		Swbell.net	
1,359,036	Usa.net
222,909		Worldnet.Att.net  **NOT Verified**
203,592		Yahoo.com  **NOT Verified**	

20,702		Denmark	 **Domain Verified**	
57,882		Germany  **Domain Verified**
67,508		United Kingdom  **Domain Verified**	
Total # Addresses	15,503,088	Ea. File 20k or less

** B O N U S  Addresses Included **

5,503,088	Majority are Verified Addresses		

This product will prove to be the best of it's kind compared
to ANY CD in terms of hours and money spent bringing it to
market. No competitor will ever duplicate the effort of what
it takes for us to produce this superb product.

We never have compromised on quality, and surely won't
release any product before it passes our "high standards"

It's your choice... "Buy ALL the rest or buy the BEST"! 

DON'T HESITATE on this offer or you will miss out on the
most effective way to market anywhere...PERIOD!

O R D E R   N O W . . . SAME DAY SERVICE (M-F) if your order
is received before 4pm Eastern. 

To order, using your credit card simply cut/paste and print 
out the EZ ORDER FORM below and fax to our office today.
24 Hour Fax Line - 1-818-885-8014

      ***** MILLIONS CD - VOLUME 12 *****

          ***** NOW ONLY $250 *****

Don't delay... you can be in business tomorrow!  

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover Card and Checks by Fax.

----------------------Cut & Paste----------------------
---------------------EZ Order Form---------------------

_____Yes! I want MILLIONS CD VOLUME 12 for the special price of
only $250.00 + the shipping option below.  


____I would like to receive my package FedEx OVERNIGHT. I am
including $15 for shipping. (Hawaii & Alaska $20 - Canada $25,
all other International add an *additional* $25 [$40 total] for
____I would like to receive my package FedEx 2 DAY delivery.
I'm including $10 for shipping. (Sorry no Canada or International
delivery - Continental U.S. shipping addresses only)

      ***Please Print Carefully***

NOTE:  Orders cannot be shipped without complete information
including your signature.  No exceptions!


COMPANY NAME____________________________________________

(FedEx can only ship to street addresses - no P.O. boxes)

CITY, STATE, ZIP________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER____________________________________________
(required for shipping & tracking) 

EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________
(required in case we have a question) 



CREDIT CARD# __________________________________________

EXPIRATION DATE________________________________________

NAME ON CARD___________________________________________

TOTAL AMOUNT (Including Shipping): $___________________


(Required) SIGNATURE:x_________________________________
I understand that I am purchasing the Millions CD Vol. 12
with e-mail address on CD. It is the users responsibility 
to comply with any laws applicable to their local area. 
Once opened the CD may not be returned, however, if found 
defective it will be replaced with like product at no charge.

You may fax your order to us 24 hours at: 1-818-885-8014


If you would like to fax a check, paste your check below and fax it to
our office along with the EZ Order Form forms to: 1-818-885-8014



    CHECK HERE AND FAX IT TO US AT   1-818-885-8014


If You fax a check, there is no need for you to mail the
original.  We will draft a new check, with the exact
information from your original check. All checks will be
held for bank clearance. (7-10 business days) Make payable to: 


This message was sent by an independent advertising company
and is a ONE time mailing.  No remove request is necessary.
We apologize for any inconvenience.