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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: FBI responds to Carnivore criticism will deploy "Childsaver"

[Soll das ein Joke sein??                                     ---AHH]

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Subject:        	FC: FBI responds to Carnivore criticism will deploy "Childsaver"
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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:56:42 -0700
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Subject: FBI Listens to Carnivore Criticism

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Routers) -- FBI Director Louis Freeh announced today
that the Federal Bureau of Investigation takes the criticism of its
wiretapping computer sniffer Carnivore "very seriously." In a
hastily-called press conference, he acknowledged that the FBI had
"underestimated the importance of the Constitution to the

"We are withdrawing Carnivore at this time," he said to an assembled
audience of journalists, activists, and visiting death squad officials
from South America. "Simply put, we expected citizen-units to simply
shrug off our latest surveillance measures. That, and the name.
Apparently we insulted the vegetarian and vegan contingent," he joked.

Director Freeh announced that while Carnivore was being withdrawn, the
FBI would go ahead with deployment of a much more powerful system
called "Childsaver."

"Childsaver is our next-generation "first mover advantage" product,"
said Freeh, adopting the FBI's new dotcom-friendly jargon. "Childsaver
is a best-of-breed product. It gives us a powerful edge in the
surveillance space, and we think our investors will be happy."

Childsaver, as Director Freeh explained it, will require suppliers of
browsers and mail programs to install the Childsaver plug-in in every
program shipped. "Childsaver will allow the legitimate needs of law
enforcement by enabling lawful surveillance orders to be carried out
swiftly and undetectably."

When asked by a reporter if Carnivore had always been intended as a
sacrifice move, to be abandoned and replaced by the better-sounding
Childsaver, Director Freeh referred all such questions to the Ministry
of Truth.


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