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[FYI] Mozilla Re-Licensing Experiment


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Mozilla Relicensing FAQ  


The staff at mozilla.org have decided to go forward with an attempt 
to relicense the code contained at cvs.mozilla.org under an MPL-GPL 
dual license.  

1.1) What code will be dual-licensed? As much of the code as 

1.2) What keeps code from getting dual-licensed? In order to 
relicense any code, the contributor of the code must consent to the 
relicensing. If a contributor decides to object to relicensing, for 
whatever reason, that code cannot be relicensed.  

1.3) When will the relicensing occur? The relicensing will occur once 
a reasonable attempt has been made to contact and obtain consent from 
each of the contributors (and have consent granted, of course).  

1.4) Who is a contributor? A contributor is anyone who has submitted 
code that is currently checked into the mozilla.org cvs tree. This 
includes patches submitted via email, the bug system, or in any other 

1.5) Why are you doing this? The staff at mozilla.org is chartered 
with stewardship of the mozilla codebase. To that end, mozilla source 
must be brought to as large an audience of developers as possible; 
mozilla.org seeks to eliminate as many obstacles for contribution and 
reuse of the code as possible.  

1.6) Will there be updates to this FAQ? Yes, as more questions are 
asked, updates will be made to this page, and discussions will be had 
on the mozilla-license newsgroup.  

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