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[Fwd: ICRA Update]

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ICRA Web Content Labelling - Field Trials

Thankyou so much to everyone who has provided feedback on the draft classification matrix we put out last Tuesday. We have seen an almost 40% response rate - far exceeding our expectations and testimony to the strength of feeling around the world concerning the protection of minors using the net.

We'll keep the trials open until 9am GMT Wednesday 23rd August to allow for people returning to work on Monday / Tuesday after their vacation. 

Just some of the feedback has suggested ...

- Ditching the additional META label - nice idea to help incentivize the creation and use of the system but not one to include in the final release.

- Move or drop the 'SKIP' button, most feedback on this subject suggests it encourages people to not read the labels presented in that section. If anything, include a new check box at the bottom of each list to declare that the site does not contain any of the above.

- Shorten the PICS label (with all fields included it is +500b - only include that information checked by the registrant or web author.

- Lots of people liked having the labelling questions presented on one page, unlike the current RSACi system which is spread across a number of screens.

- Additional categories / context settings - consider Business & Religion

Thats only the tip of the iceberg as far as great idea's being put forward for which we are very grateful.

Remember, the trials will remain open until 9am GMT Wed 23rdAug and the process is as follows:

1. Click on the link below and complete the labelling questionnaire as if you were rating your own website.

2. Once completed, click the submit button at the bottom and you will be presented with a screen illustrating the type of new label you can expect and a pop-up window containing the feedback form.

3. Complete the feedback form and click submit (again at the bottom) to send the response back to us here at ICRA.

Beta v1.0 has been released for the express purpose of field trialling all the potential categories for the new ICRA content labelling schema. The results of which will help shape the final version which will be incorporated in the new ICRA PICS label as a replacement for the current RSACi format. 

LINK: http://www.icra.org/fieldtrials/ft11.html


Ken Handley
Technical Director
Internet Content Rating Association

Should, for any reason, you wish to withdraw from the field trial mailing list, please click the following link