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[FYI] Sony VP: We will beat Napster



              Sony exec: We will beat Napster

              By M.A. Anastasi
              Daily Forty-Niner (California State U.,
              Long Beach)
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              (U-WIRE) LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Napster
              will lose. Guaranteed. 

              Or so says Steve Heckler,
              senior vice president of Sony
              Pictures Entertainment Inc.,

              "The [music] industry,"
              Heckler said, "will take
              whatever steps it needs to
              protect itself and protect
              its revenue streams. It will
              not lose that revenue stream,
              no matter what." 


              "Sony is going to take
              aggressive steps to stop
              this," Heckler told the
              Summer Forty-Niner. "We will
              develop technology that
              transcends the individual
              user. We will firewall
              Napster at source -- we will
              block it at your cable
              company, we will block it at
              your phone company, we will
              block it at your
              [Internet-service provider].
              We will firewall it at your