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[FYI] Sandra Kegel (F.A.Z.) schweigt Lutz Donnerhacke tot.


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The Heat Is On, As Icann Candidates Enter Home Stretch  

By Sandra Kegel  

FRANKFURT. The job description sounds like a cross between parish 
priest and a magistrate of the early Roman Republic. The ideal 
candidate is independent, highly qualified, free of commercial 
interests, has a good sense of the community's needs and interests, 
and available time, energy and interest. And he or she must be 
solvent, for the job requires financial outlays well beyond the cost 
of emptying the minibar in the Yokohama Hilton, the location of the 
last meeting of the behind-the-scenes lords of the information age  


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Auf deutsch in der Papierausgabe vom 26. August 2000, Seite 41