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[FYI] CEC proposes the creation of a Community Patent


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Commission proposes the creation of a Community Patent  

Affordability Legal Certainty  

The European Commission has proposed on 5 July 2000 the creation of a 
Community Patent to give inventors the option of obtaining a single 
patent legally valid throughout the European Union. The proposal 
would significantly lessen the burden on business and encourage 
innovation by making it cheaper to obtain a patent and by providing a 
clear legal framework in case of dispute. The Lisbon and Feira 
European Councils cited the creation of a Community Patent as an 
essential part of Europe's efforts to harness the results of research 
to new scientific and technological developments and so contribute to 
ensuring a competitive, knowledge-based economy in Europe. The 
Summits recommended that the Community Patent should be available by 
the end of 2001.  


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