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[FYI] E-Mail filtering


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Vendors target e-mail overload  

'Sieve' technology may become Internet standard.  

By CAROLYN DUFFY MARSAN Network World, 08/28/00  

Tired of slogging through hundreds of e-mail messages each day? An 
emerging technology called Sieve touts a simple, universal way to 
create filters for sorting, deleting and forwarding e-mail messages 
before they enter your inbox.  

Sieve is undergoing last-minute tweaking by engineers from Mirapoint, 
Cyrusoft, Qualcomm and other e-mail vendors. These engineers recently 
asked the leadership of the Internet Engineering Task Force to 
approve Sieve as a standards-track protocol.  

Sieve offers network managers several advantages over the filtering 
capabilities available in today's leading e-mail packages, such as:  

Providing a common way to create and share e-mail filters across 
diverse e-mail systems.  

Supporting server-side filtering, which means users don't have to 
download e-mail they want filtered.  

Prohibiting users from creating filters that would harm the 
performance or security of the overall e-mail system.  

Supporting graphical user interfaces (GUI) that make it easier for 
end users and administrators to create filters.  


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