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[FYI] Australian government proposes internet naming law


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04 September 2000  

Australian government proposes internet naming law  

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] The federal government introduced the 
Telecommunications Legislation Amendment Bill 2000 into the senate, 
part of which attempts to clarify the powers of the government in 
relation to "electronic addressing" services such as internet domain 

If passed, the government claimed, it will clarify existing 
provisions in the Telecommunications Act 1997 for the Australian 
Communications Authority (ACA) and the Australian Competition and 
Consumer Commission (ACCC) to declare and direct a manager of 
electronic addressing. It will also introduce a new provision into 
the Australian Communications Authority Act 1997 which would allow 
communications and technology minister Richard Alston to instruct the 
ACA to assume direct responsibility for an electronic addressing 
service, "should self-regulation prove inappropriate at any time in 
the future."  

"This legislation underpins the Government's strategy to foster 
effective self-regulation for the .au domain name system," said the 
National Office for the Information Economy. "Government intervention 
of this type would only be necessary in extreme circumstances."  

For more information, visit http://www.internetnews.com  

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