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[FYI] Direkt Marekteers vs. private Filterlisten


Harris ist ein Spammer und im MAPS gelandet. Das finden die nicht gut.
Sie argumentieren

The current Harris Interactive situation is a perfect 
example of why the government, and not self-appointed 
private groups, must create the rules which govern 
Internet communications. Essentially, Mail Abuse Prevention 
System, LLC (MAPS), and other like groups, are permitted,
without any due process of law or even a fair process, 
to restrict companies’ rights to conduct legitimate business 
over the Internet. These restrictions are based on complaints 
that may be economically motivated by our competitors. In 
our case, MAPS decided to apply a standard to us that it 
does not apply consistently to the ISP’s from which we believe, 
they derive their income. As our case will show, both Hotmail 
and Netscape use passive opt-in procedures identical to ours, 
and identical to the standards used by countless other Internet 
firms, including many of the largest firms which use the 
Internet for commerce. To our knowledge, MAPS has not engaged 
any of its member firms in a similar action. 

Das ist natürlich dieselbe Argumentation, die bei Filterlisten
von NetNanny und Freunden anzuwenden ist.


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