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[FYI] International Forum on Surveillance by Design


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International Forum on Surveillance by Design  

A one day public meeting on the development of global surveillance 
strategies for law enforcement and national security.  


Friday September 22, 2000 at 9.30 am  


The Old Theatre The London School of Economics Houghton Street London 
WC2A 2AE  



Hosted by the Department of Information Systems, The London School of 

Organised by Privacy International, the American Civil Liberties 
Union, and Quintessenz  

Sponsored by Zero Knowledge Systems, Securify, and the Electronic 
Privacy Information Center  

Communications surveillance is now a global business. Over the past 
three decades, law enforcement and national security agencies have 
worked with the private sector to ensure that all new forms of 
communications are capable of being monitored. A range of new 
international legal agreements provide the foundation for this 

Who are the key players in this new industry? What mechanisms are 
being developed to build surveillance into the architecture of 
communications? What forms of technology are being used to intercept 
communications - and to resist interception?  

This unique one-day conference will explore these technical and legal 
questions, and provide a public forum for open discussion.  



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