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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Library filtering use doubles in two years, report s

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[This is from David Burt, a longtime filtering-everything advocate who
is now an employee of a filtering software vendor. --Declan


>From: "David Burt" <dburt@n2h2.com>
>To: "James S. Tyre" <jstyre@jstyre.com>, "Hudsond@Fac. Org"
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>Subject: Library Filters use nearly doubles in two years
>Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 14:07:28 -0700
>The Mainstream Loudoun ruling almost certainly slowed filtering down
>(based on plenty of anecdotal evidence), but it certainly hasn't
>stopped library filtering.  See below article, and table 11 of the
>attached .pdf, which says:
>Public Libraries using filtering: 3,711 or 24.6 %
>Public libraries filtering all access: 1,445 or 9.6%
>Public libraries filtering some access: 2,265 or 15.0%
>September 25, 2000
>Study: PL Net Access Rises; Filtering Up
>The National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS)
>has released <http://www.nclis.gov/statsurv/1998plo.pdf>Public
>Libraries and the Internet 2000, which follows up on the 1998 Public
>Libraries and the Internet study, both conducted by Florida State
>University academics. John Carlo Bertot and Charles R. McClure.
>The study shows that the Internet has remained and grown as a vital
>public library service, as Internet connectivity in public libraries
>is at 95.7%, up from 83.6% reported in 1998 and with virtually all of
>those that are connected providing patron access. In two years,
>public library outlets have nearly doubled the number of public
>access workstations, and libraries are steadily gaining in speed of
>connectivity. While the percentage increase in connectivity over two
>years may not seem dramatic, Bertot pointed out that urban, suburban,
>and rural libraries are now connected nearly equally.
>While the study states that "75.5% of public library outlets do not
>block and/or filter Internet content," that formulation obscures what
>seems to be a not insignificant trend toward filtering. In 1998,
>only14.6% of libraries reported using filters, while a
>asp>2000 survey by the Library Research Center of the University of
>Illinois said that 16.8% of libraries use filters. The 24.5% figure
>in the new study includes 9.6% of libraries that are filtering all
>workstations -- a legally questionable position, at least based on
>the 1998 decision in the litigation involving the Loudoun County
>Public Library, Leesburg, VA.
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