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Scientific sensation. To everybody whom it may be touched to.


                            Informational announcement

The independent scientist-researcher invites You to acquaint 
with sensational discovery of new kind of substance being the 
basis source of the energy for whole physical phenomena studied 
at present time. The discovery is related to the new ultra-new 
intellectual critical technologies. The object of discovery is the 
substance of fourth ontological level, placed in the co-ordinates 
of gravity-torsion constant and is situated in the depths of active 
star Sun. On the base of investigation the method allowing to 
produce the unlimited quantity of energy practically in any point of 
the space has been discovered.

                              The fields of application

1. In the wireless power engineering, generation of the electricity 
of physical vacuum. Alternative and perspective, clean energy 
produced in the co-ordinates, instead of atom, gas and other 
environmentally hazardous waste products obsolete 
2. The gravitational moving object of transport, railway, 
above-water, under-water transport.
3. The new generation of torsion flying apparatus.
4. The new methods of obtaining the ultra-high temperatures on 
the level up to critical ones.
5. The new trajectories of the movement of planets and comets.
6. A great number of fields of application.


P.S. Please distribute this announcment for the sake of the future 
of whom you are carying about.