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[FYI] ICANN's 'Government sponsored extortion' unconstitutional?


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J'accuse: ICANN's 'Government sponsored extortion' unconstitutional 

By: Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco 

Posted: 03/10/2000 at 14:59 GMT  

Governance expert Michael Froomkin has published a draft of his 
eagerly-awaited analysis of ICANN today, a document which could prove 
to be a catalyst for new legal activities aimed at clipping the 
activities of the Internet quango.  

Froomkin warns that unless the relationship between the United States 
Department of Commerce and ICANN is clarified, the ICANN model could 
be adopted for the oversight of B2B commerce or distance learning in 
the US.  

He describes the paper entitled Wrong Turn In Cyberspace: Using ICANN 
to route around the APA and the constitution as an attempt to answer 
to "the central, if perhaps parochial, question: whether a U.S. 
administrative agency is or should be allowed to call into being a 
private corporation and then lend it sufficient control over a 
government resource so that the corporation can use that control 
effectively to make policy decisions that the agency cannot - or 
dares not - make itself."  


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