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[FYI] CNS/1999/0154 - Civil and commercial judicial cooperation, enforcement of judgments: Brussels I, Lugano


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21/09/2000 - EP VOTE 1st READING

In adopting the European Parliament's report, drafted by Diana WALLIS 
(ELDR, UK), a number of amendments to the Commission's initial 
proposal were agreed. The Commission's original clause on 
jurisdiction was retained, but an amendment was adopted that would 
restrict the right of consumers to sue foreign suppliers of goods or 
providers of services in their jurisdiction to 'active' Internet 
sites, i.e. sites which target the consumer's Member State. Further 
amendments call for the extensive use of extra-judicial dispute 
resolution so that the judicial system is considered inappropriate 
for consumer claims relating to transactions concluded on-line, 
especially where the parties are domiciled in different States, in 
view of the costs and delays entailed thereby and the stigma often 
associated with going to court. It is also suggested that extra-
judicial dispute resolution schemes should be accredited and that the 
grant of trust marks by national authorities, trade and consumer 
associations and, possibly, the Commission itself should be 
conditional upon the site in question providing for an extra-judicial 
resolution system accredited under a scheme approved by the 

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