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Re: [FYI]Telekom schafft Infrastruktur...

>  >  Ist das nicht in etwa wie paybox (www.paybox.de) funktioniert?
>  Ja. 
>  Brokat's eSign Consortium will sogar per Handy bezahlen.
>  Hier die Presseerklärung von der Cebit 2000:
>  (ganzer Text: http://www.brokat.com/int/press/2000/cebit-esign.html)
>  HANNOVER/STUTTGART, February 23, 2000. D-Trust,
>  HypoVereinsbank, ORGA Kartensysteme, Sonera Smarttrust,
>  and TC TrustCenter have joined the Mobile Electronic Signature
>  Consortium - also known as the "eSign Consortium". This was
>  announced by Brokat and other members of the consortium today
>  at a press conference at CeBIT 2000 in Hannover. eSign
>  Consortium brings together representatives of leading mobile
>  phone manufacturers, mobile network operators, SmartCard
>  manufacturers, and providers of Internet services and software. Its
>  goal is to develop an international standard for the mobile digital
>  signature. This signature is the basis for secure purchasing via
>  mobile phone in the booming e-Business market. 
>  [...]
>  Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank,
>  Dresdner Bank and Hypo Vereinsbank hold each 25 % of the
>  company's stakes. The company aspires the approval by the
>  German state Regulation Authority for Telecom and Mail (RegTP)
>  to function as a certification institution. 
>  [...]
>  The eSign Consortium is an international
>  association of companies and organizations
>  from the fields of mobile communications and
>  the Internet. The goal of the consortium is to
>  develop an internationally accepted standard for
>  the use of the mobile digital signature. This
>  signature is the basis for mobile shopping and
>  secure payment via mobile phone in the booming mobile
>  commerce market. In addition to Brokat, the founding members
>  include the manufacturer of mobile terminal equipment Siemens,
>  the mobile network operators E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH,
>  Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH and VIAG Interkom, the
>  SmartCard manufacturers Schlumberger and Gemplus, and the
>  T-TeleSec Trust Center of Deutsche Telekom and cryptovision. 
>  [...]

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