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[FYI] RIAA Unveils Digital Music ID Plan


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RIAA Unveils Digital Music ID Plan  

By Lori Enos  

E-Commerce Times  

October 13, 2000  

With an eye toward improving its ability to monitor online music 
downloads, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) 
announced Thursday that it is working with other industry groups to 
develop a standardized system for identifying digital files of songs. 

The new identification system will build on the International 
Standard Recording Code (ISRC) that is currently embedded into CDs 
and includes details about the manufacturer of the CD, the country 
where the copyright resides, and other information.  

Tracking Songs  

The new system will not allow labels to determine who is downloading 
what music, but the RIAA intends for it to be an expandable system 
that will allow for different coding for different types of 
downloads. For instance, purchased digital downloads would be coded 
differently than music downloaded for a trial period or subscription-
based downloads.  

The system could also be used to determine if digital files meant to 
be sold are being freely traded through services such as Napster.  

Internet Licensing Pact  

On Tuesday, the RIAA and the National Music Publishers' Association 
(NMPA) said that they had agreed on procedures for licensing 
digitally distributed musical compositions and songs.  

The procedures, to be implemented as transactions between RIAA member 
labels and NMPA subsidiary the Harry Fox Agency, are designed to 
streamline the licensing procedure for digital distribution. The RIAA 
said the new procedures "will substantially reduce the time and 
effort required to clear music publishing rights for the electronic 
delivery of sound recordings to consumers."   

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