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[FYI] (Fwd) Re: Follow-up on COE letter

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Meryem -

Other news articles on the COE Letter:

 Computer crime treaty threatens human rights
 Thu, 19 Oct 2000 07:41:55 GMT
 ZDNet UK News

 Human Rights Groups Slam CyberCrime Pact
 18 Oct 2000
 IDG News Service/ Berlin Bureau

 Police Treaty a Global Invasion?
 Oct. 17, 2000
 Wired News

 dhpnews01 Coalition Slams Cybercrime Treaty Oct 18, 2000 ZDNet News

 GILC Urge Europe Over Cybercrime Treaty
 18 October 2000

We will post links and descriptions on the GILC site.

I don't see a problem with adding non-GILC members.
The letter is from "a wide range of civil society
organizations from around the world."

Does anyone object?


At 3:26 PM +0200 10/19/00, Meryem Marzouki wrote:
>Dear GILCers,
>I have two questions regarding possible follow-up to the letter :
>1/Are there any link on GILC site to press articles about the letter
>? I'm thinking of putting such a collection of links on our site, so
>I would be interested in gathering the following information :
>media name, article title, language, URL
>Here is one to start :
>Libération, "Pas touche ŕ mon disque dur! Des associations dénoncent
>ce texte qui donne trop de pouvoirs ŕ la police.", French,
>The title more or less translates as : "put your hands off my hard
>disk! NGOs oppose this text [the convention draft] which gives too
>much power to the police".
>BTW, in this article, a French police officer is quoted, saying
>"[wiretapping] is a risk, to catch one person, we may have to wiretap
>one hundred people" (translation is mine, as you can understand :-)).
>I think this police officer got it...
>2/ Should we plan to open the letter to signatures from non GILC
>organizations ? We already have received signatures, without asking
>anything, and I'm wondering what will I do with them... (I hope there
>won't be any signatures from individuals :-)).
>Meryem Marzouki - Pages personnelles : http://asim.lip6.fr/~marzouki
>IRIS - 294 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France Tel/Fax:
>+33(0)144749239 - http://www.iris.sgdg.org

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