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The Filter, No. 3.7 (fwd)

"I'm a techie", wenn das mal nicht eine Spur zu naiv ist:

 * Auberbach Eschews Tie, Wins ICANN Election: If Karl Auberbach had a
 campaign slogan in mind during his successful run for a seat on the
 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' governing board, his
 remark at the recent Berkman Center/Internet Democracy Project candidates
 forum--"I'm not wearing a tie; I'm a techie"--certainly fit the bill.
 Auerbach, a Cisco Systems researcher with decades of technical experience
 under his belt (he is among the developers of what is now TCP/IP),
 advocates confining ICANN's activities strictly to technical
 functions--or, in Auerbach's words, to "handing out lots and lots of slots
 in the root zone and [letting] the operators of those slots run them as
 they please." 
 ***EXTRA: What's at stake in ICANN's decision-making? Join the Berkman
 Center for "Pressing Issues II: Understanding and Critiquing ICANN's
 Policy Agenda," taking place on November 12 in Marina del Rey, California.
 Follow the link from BERKMAN NEWS, below, for details.
             [3] BERKMAN NEWS
 * ICANN--Pressing Issues II: The Berkman Center invites you to "Pressing
 Issues II: Understanding and Critiquing ICANN's Policy Agenda," a series
 of moderated panel discussions on issues facing ICANN at its annual
 meeting in Los Angeles. Free and open to the public, the event takes place
 Sunday, November 12 and will address UDRP review, At-Large membership and
 elections, and new TLDs. 
 Confirmed panelists include Syracuse University professor Milton Mueller,
 ICANN general counsel Louis Touton, Mike Palage of InfoNetworks, UMASS Law
 School professor Ethan Katsh, ICANN board member-elect Nii Quaynor, ICANN
 senior policy advisor Andrew McLaughlin, Chris Ambler of Image Online
 Design and Richard Forman of Register.com. In addition, all newly-elected
 ICANN Board members have been invited to participate.
 For further details, including how to register to attend (either in person
 or online), click on the link below: