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[FYI] How to put the word to rights


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How to put the word to rights  

Journalists who write for the web are being forced into the courts to 
defend their copyright. Now, says Sean Dodson, one man thinks he has 
the solution, a site that markets articles to editors  

Monday November 13, 2000  

Journalists are not used to taking up cudgels for copyright. But now 
a number of recent high-profile disputes over the issue have begun to 
make many of them sit up and start fighting for their rights on the 

Last month, leading online journal Salon.com sent out contracts to 
its freelance writers. For most, this was the first contract the 
publication had ever sent them. The contracts asked the writers to 
give up resale rights to their published work in exchange for 25% of 
the resale fee.  


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