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November 29, 2000.

Dear Friends,

Please excuse me for any inconvenience caused by this message.  As you
know, Russia is now in a deep financial and economic crisis. For some months
now, nobody has been paid any salary. Our parents, invalids and War Heroes
are forced to sell their own blood to buy enough food to keep alive. We are
permanently hungry and sick, because of this terrible situation.

In the summer-time we ate fresh vegerables grown in our garden. But now our
garden is empty since it is covered by the snow. The only food we can eat is
cakes cooked from acorns we have collected in the forest during the summer.
But this food is not enough for our organisms and we are very afraid to be
dead soon because of exhaustion.

Therefore, we, due to a service opportunity of public access in the Internet
and hopeless situation have decided apply to you with request to
help our family.

If you could donate something that we can eat, as well as old clothes and
shoes from your grand and greatparents which you do not use anymore, we
would be very happy if you could send it to our home  address is:

Valentin Mikhaylin
Ryleeva Street, 6-45
Kaluga. 248030

If you think it is better to help with money, please let us know and we will
give you details on the best way of sending it safely.  It is a very
good way to help, because of the crisis now prices in Russia are much lower
than in the West.

We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2001 Year. We pray the Lord
keeps his hand on You.

God Bless You,

Valentin and my family.
Kaluga. Russia.

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