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Host your own business website at HOME?.... YES you can!

Have you ever thought about running a Web Server using your very own domain name from the comfort of your home?

You can, and it's not difficult to setup. It is estimated that by the year 2004, fifty percent of the
working force in North America will be running their business from their place of residence. 

Do you want to host your site for less than $3 per month?
Cable-modem, ADSL and ISDN are most frequently used to surf the net at high speeds. Many providers of these high-speed connections provide subscribers a static IP address, such that
the subscribers may run Internet services from their homes. This is where our redirect DNS
service can help. We supply the DNS for the domain name and you run your business.

Check it out at: http://www.redirectdns.com/

Thank you for yout time. Come see us soon.
Sales representative

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