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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Council of Europe treaty may not include privacy pro

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    Privacy a Likely Loser in Treaty
    by Declan McCullagh and Nicholas Morehead
    3:20 p.m. Dec. 7, 2000 PST

    WASHINGTON -- A controversial cybercrime treaty supported by the
    Clinton administration likely will not be amended to include
    privacy protections, a key European official said on Thursday.

    "We cannot find an acceptable international standard in terms of
    privacy as it applies to this treaty," said Henrik Kaspersen of
    the Council of Europe, which expects to finalize the document this

    "We don't want to exclude privacy. We very much want to include
    it," said Kaspersen, chairman of the council's committee of
    cybercrime experts. "But there are a number of existing case laws
    dealing with privacy throughout Europe, and we're also dealing
    with countries like the United States and Japan that have
    differing legal systems."

    The treaty, which is being circulated among more than 40 nations,
    is designed to aid police investigations by requiring websites and
    Internet service providers to collect and record information about
    their users, a move privacy groups insist goes too far. It could
    also make it illegal to distribute some kinds of security products
    used by system administrators to secure their networks against

    Kaspersen's remarks came at an event highlighting the release of a
    report by McConnell International, a Washington policy consultancy
    founded by Bruce McConnell, a White House aide under Presidents
    George Bush and Bill Clinton.


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