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Wieso klingt das wie ein Spam?


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Subject: ICRA Platform Release
To: kk@netuse.de

Kristian Köhntopp

You'll recall that earlier this year you helped us by testing the ICRA 
labelling system - the one that's superseding RSACi? Guess what - the 
real thing is now available - and you're one of the very first people 
I'm telling about it!  The new labelling system is available now in 
English with the German, French and Spanish versions due for launch 
early in the new year.

Governments, parents and pressure groups the world over are talking 
about filtering internet content.  It's an issue which is not going 
to go away, so make sure you're in control of the way your web site 
is perceived and filtered.

The ICRA labelling system is designed to help to protect minors from 
harmful or offensive material whilst preserving free speech on the 
internet. I believe that the self-labelling system offered by ICRAachieves 
both of those aims.  Just visit http://www.icra.org and click "label your 
web site here". You've seen most of the questionnaire before!

Below are the answers to some questions I think you're likely to ask:

Q. Why bother to label an e-commerce site?
A. So that no one will block access to it by default.

Q. Why bother to label a child-friendly site?
A. So that search engines looking for child friendly sites can easily 
   identify your site as being suitable.

Q. Why bother to label an adult site?
A. So parents can effectively prevent their children accessing your 
   site and to show that self-regulation works.

Q. Why bother to label any site?
A. All other things being equal, an ICRA labelled site is more likely 
   to be trusted than an unlabelled one.

Q. Is the new ICRA system backwards compatible with RSACi?
A. Yes.  In fact, the new ICRA label includes an RSACi element to 
   ensure this.

Q. What can read a new ICRA label?
A. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ and (in the UK) OnDigital's Net box.

Q. What else?
A. ICRA is actively developing a range of new filtering systems both 
   directly and through third parties. These will all read the new 
   labels and allow users to incorporate "allow" and "disallow" lists. 
   Expect announcements in the spring.

Everything else you could possibly want to know is available on the 
ICRA web site at http://www.icra.org.  As ever your comments and 
feedback will be very welcome through talkback@icra.org.

Thank you for your continuing support

Stephen Balkam
Executive Director
Internet Content Rating Association