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Re: Big Brother Awards France 2000

At 13:23 15.12.00 +0100, Peter Kuhm wrote:

>Die Nominees sind bereits gelistet:
>-> http://www.bigbrotherawards.eu.org/nomination/nomines.html

And the winners are...:

-> http://www.bigbrotherawards.eu.org/pourquoi/english.html


Paris, 16 décembre : french BIG BROTHER AWARDS 2000 !
						(see the gallery)

17 décember 2000. -- The first french Big Brother Awards have been bestowed
at a special event on 16 December in Paris during the zeligConf', european
meeting of digital counter-cultures. Simon Davies, director of Privacy
International, was exceptionnaly attending the ceremony in Paris, with
other english, swiss & austrian representatives of the BBA.

Simon Davies said this was much important for Privacy International to see
that France, the human rights' country, finally enter the international Big
Brother Awards movement, one of the main step towards an international
ceremony that will take place afterwards.

And the winners are...:

		Most intrusive administration

Ministère de l'Intérieur / STIC
The Système de Traitement des Infractions Constatées (STIC) is an police
database that registers each time one has to do with the police, wether the
person is suspected, condemned, innocent or even victim, and which is
illegaly used since 1995 by the services of the french Home Office.

		Most intrusive company

Sonacotra is a private company which manage social housing estates for
foreign workers. One of its office used to illegally provide to the police
an database filled with entries like race, country, and the nature of the
identity cards of the foreign workers.

		Most intrusive city

VILLE de VAULX-EN-VELIN / Vidéosurveillance
This city was the first, and the leading one, to spread videosurveillance
cameras, even in its suburbs. The mayor, who is communist, had this idea
after an extreme-right wing campaign based on insecurity.

		Most intrusive products

LOGICIEL VSIS / INRIA (Institut de recherche publique en informatique)
VSIS is an "intelligent" videosurveillance system developped since 5 years
by a public research center. VSIS replace the human eye by a computer
charged of detecting "suspects" events in public areas.

		Life Time Awards

This Sagem subsidiary is proud to be the leader in biometric systems and
police databases. Working with police forces from all over the world, its
AFR (Automatic Fingerprint recognition systems) & AFIS (Automated
Fingerprint Identification system) manage identification datas from more
than 100 millions people in the world.


The Voltaire Price, who recognized the effort of those who fight for
privacy, liberty and against "Big Brothers", has been given to Souriez vous
êtes filmés (Smile, you're being filmed), a collective that protest against
videosurveillance since 1995. A few days ago, an international "camouflage"
protest movement initiated by Souriez vous êtes filmés took place
simultaneously in Paris, Times Square (with the Surveillance Camera Players
collective) & Brême (Germany).

Other nominees were the Tax Administration, which crossed its datas with
the Social Security Number, France Telecom, for its overall lack of privacy
concerns, a school which wanted to manage its canteen with the fingerprints
of the children, the videosurveillance system of Thomson CSF (Thales), the
french Parliament for its inconsistency, for the past 20 years, to
effectivly protect the privacy of its citizens.