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[FYI] Internet surveillance and RIP in Poland


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20 December 2000 

Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 18:00:52 +0100
From: Pawel_Krawczyk <kravietz@ceti.pl>
To: jya@jya.com
Cc: declan@well.com
Subject: Poland wants SORM-2 too 

Hello! In case you didn't know yet...  

Yesterday Polish Ministry for Internal Affairs and Administration 
(MSWiA) sent a draft of new wiretapping law to the Polish Chamber of 
Information Technology and Telecommunications.  

According to the draft all operators (PSTN, mobile, ISP, IAP, ICP) 
are required to install equipment allowing the law enforcement 
agencies unattended capturing of data from their networks. The draft 
actually specifies what the equipment is expected to do. Almost no 
technical details were given, but as I guess this would mean buying 
and installing a black box behind every border router and firewall, 
and providing a leased line to the spooks location.  

The operator is also expected to provide an access to the plaintext 
if they encrypt any data flowing through their network for their own 
purposes or in customer's behalf. This would probably mean breaking 
all security provided by internally used IPSec and requirement to 
capture the data sent outside via secure VPNs before they actually 
get encrypted.  

I expect that introducing the law would simply kill many of the 
smaller operators,  because they can't afford to buy and install the 
equipment, which will be then used once in several years or never. 
This is because there are several hundreds of Internet providers in 
Poland, but most of them are small and private businesses with 
several dozens of customers.  

There are also obvious risks associated with installing untrusted 
third party equipment in your core network, behind all firewalls and 
with access to all your data. The data would be captured at the 
spooks discretion and no one would now what is actually captured and 
when. Polish police and special forces get much less public attention 
and scrutiny than in e.g. US, so this would allow wide range of 
potential abuses like economic or political espionage.  

As you can see, this is a lightweight version of British RIP and very 
similiar to Russian SORM-2. Currently it is widely discussed here and 
the draft is waiting for the Chamber to express their opinnion. No 
English version of the draft is available AFAIK and I can't translate 
the juristic language, but all the important details are described 

Below are some useful links:  

The Chamber  (in Polish and English, but no comments on the draft 


My article and the draft itself (in Polish)  



Pawel Krawczyk <http://ceti.pl/~kravietz/>  

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