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[FYI] (Fwd) fyi: IP: from Intel RE: IBM&Intel push copy protection i

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From: Dave Farber <farber@cis.upenn.edu>
Subject: IP: from Intel RE: IBM&Intel push copy protection into
  disk drives

>From: "Gelsinger, Patrick P" <patrick.p.gelsinger@intel.com>
>To: farber@cis.upenn.edu
>Dave -
>As a regular reader of your IP reader, I would apprecaite you
>diseminating a correction to your mailing on Dec 22.
>Content protection technology misinformation generates negative
>web-press coverage:
>An article on The Register website "Stealth plan puts copy protection
>into every hard drive" contains false information that the 4C's
>(Intel, IBM, MEI, Toshiba) Content Protection for Recordable Media
>(CPRM) is to be applied to all PC hard drives.  It is misinterpreting
>a specification for use of CPRM with the Compact Flash media format
>(which supports either semiconductor flash memory or IBM microdrives)
>probably because Compact Flash uses the same command protocol
>interface as standard PC harddrives.  The technology is neither
>intended nor licensed for use with PC harddrives and is optional even
>for the supported media types (flash memory and microdrives). John
>Gilmore, a noted privacy and consumer advocate, has picked up the
>article and further propagated the erroneous information and
>mentioned Intel "IBM&Intel push copy protection into ordinary disk
>drives".  I have alerted public relations at Intel and are
>disseminating accurate information within Intel and among our
>industry contacts.
>         Pat.

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