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[FYI] (Fwd) Yahoo! Complaint and French decision on CDT website

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From:           	Seth Finkelstein <sethf@MIT.EDU>
Subject:        	Yahoo! Complaint and French decision on CDT website

[I feel like a journalist :-)]

        The Yahoo! Complaint is available on the website of
The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)

- Yahoo's Complaint for Declaratory Relief, (.pdf, 3.2MB), December
21, 2000

- English Translation of French ruling (.pdf), November 20, 2000

- French Court Imposes Speech Restrictions Beyond Its Borders,
November 20, 2000 http://www.cdt.org/speech/001120yahoo.shtml

Seth Finkelstein  Consulting Programmer  sethf@sethf.com 

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