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Need to get some info and justice

Hello ,

I am addressing this to all of you as I am a victim of baggage theft and while travelling from Mumbai to Bahrain ,This is the summary of events that happened while i was travelling ,

Dec 24 ,23:00hrs 
I take a Jet airways flight from Bangalore , India to Mumbai ,I check in  a soft luggage with a  camera in it , I get my baggage in Mumbai and proceed to the International terminal in Mumbai to catch my early morning flight to Bahrain .

Dec 25 , 03:00 hrs 
I pass my baggage through the X-ray manned by Gulf Air staff which is mandatory as per airline rules , The guy asks me to identify the object in the baggage , and i tell him its a camera , he puts a sticker at the end of a zipper where i have a lock , I ask him to put stickers at the end pockets ot the baggage as there are locks too , He argues that they put only one sticker to the main zipper , after much argument he does put security check stickers .

Dec 25 , 4:00 hrs 
i check in with the buisness class counter as i am travelling buisness class , as we are allowed only one piece of baggage to hand carry , i check in my baggage with the camera in it .

Dec 25 , about 7:00 hrs Bahrain time
I collect my baggage and proceed out to take a taxi to Saudi Arabia , I fail to notice any tampering with my baggage , I walk out of the customs and proceed to Saudi Arabia .

Dec 25 , 9:00 hrs 
I check my baggage to open the lock on the zipper and it is tampered and cut open along the side , I check in and find only my camera and disk man missing , and the rest of the things remain untouched .

Going by the events that occured during my journey i came to a  conclusion that there may be two points where the possiblities of theft might have occured 

a) at mumbai when the guy came to know that there was a camera as he saw it in the X-Ray ,

b) surprisingly my baggage came last in the line in Bahrain , where in my experience passengers who check in buisness class or higher get their baggage very first .

I belive there is  a big group of people involved who are doing this and ripping bags , my complaint to GulfAir done so on their feed back form in their web site has bought no reply , i wonder if they ever read their feed back forms .
I came across this site in one of my searches and i thought i share my thoughts with the community and increase their awareness so that they are careful while checking in their baggage 

Lessons learnt 
a) Never check in bags with valuable items in it 
b) Never check in soft luggage 
c) Tell and educate as many fellow travellers as possible 

I will keep trying and see if i get a feed back from Gulf Air and see if they can set a trap at these points of entry and exit ,

All those concerned please do advice me if there are any other bodys of organizations that cause awareness and where people can share their woos 

The camera i lost was a Leica ( very expensive )


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